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Catalog No.: SPEC021
Format: LP
Release date: 02-04-2021
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The Dutch West Coast, home of the Hague, where Cliff Dalton resides, the home of a new producer for Specimen Records 2021.
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A1. Resistance From Under The Water
A2. The Escape With The Nautilus
A3. Travelling Without Moving
A4. Nocturnal Transformation
B1. Testing and Producing
B2. Rize Of The Robot Man
B3. Ghost In The Machine
B4. The Tide


Since mid 2020 Cliff Dalton has been influenced by 80’s soundtracks. setting about to create a blend of dark robotic mechanical and deep electro. As an artist his use of conceptual themes are constructed of elements that create dense atmospheric soundscapes. Probing as an interface between harsh reality and pure fiction. He reveals a surrealistic emphasis on sonic particles into the realms of electro.

The Dutch West Coast, home of the Hague, where Cliff Dalton resides, the home of a new producer for Specimen Records 2021. Although, not new to the world of producing with several years recording and playing in studios, his attention to detail has helped him develop a retro mapping onto his perception of the future. Possible influenced by Underground Resistance and Drexciya.The accomplishment becomes a metaphor for any small group of people who are battling against a system. The album is an observation of what’s happening right now around us. Our interaction with technology and media pervasion and the rise of cybernetics, in a world dominated by corporate ideals.

Introducing Cliff Dalton
It’s only since mid 2020, halfway the first Covid-19 lockdown, when Cliff Dalton decided to start producing his own brand of electro. Cliff is not new to producing; he has several years of experience of recording and playing in studios. He lives in The Hague, also known as the Dutch West Coast, and there are certainly traces of that typical West Coast sound to be found in his music. with his love eighties soundtracks and he draws inspiration from all those crazy sounds from the past and blend them together into something new. While there is always a dancefloor in the back of his head he is always trying to make it all melodic. Something that stands out is the conceptual way in which Cliff likes to work. All his music does have a strong influence of the mechanical, the
robotic and a dark future vision to bind it all together. All these elements are used to create dense atmospheric soundscapes. Cliff himself functions as an interface between harsh reality and pure fiction, while channeling any deep and hidden fantasies into the world of electro by moving air particles. A conceptual way of looking at things and the world around you lies deep into the music. His first releases will be available on Specimen Records early 2021.


Track A1 Resistance From Under The Water -
Cliff Dalton is never shy to show his influences. This is an outright take on nineties electro. Which takes you to a dark underwater world where small, almost invisible vessels are involved in busy traffic. A world of underwater creatures that like to live separate from the ones above the surface.

Track A2 The Escape With The Nautilus -
One of those vessels is the Nautilus. And here we can witness the flight of the ship. Where is it going?! This track is dressed up with even more vintage sounds. The melodies have lots of space to develop and the sound-design makes a backdrop in which they can swim around, like fish in the water.

Track A3 Travelling Without Moving -
This comes with a more danceable approach. The beat is tight and the swing is irresistible. This is how it’s like to float around, in the ocean, or in your mind. It is all watery business. The melodies are really lifting this tune up and remind me of old black ‘n white sci-fi flicks.

Track A4 Nocturnal Transformation -
Finally above the surface we witness the transformation into what finally will become the Robot Man. It is not an easy transformation. The beat is broken and the soundscape is dark and eerie. Lots of Juno and DX7 synth in this track. A journey into the heart of darkness.

Track B1 Testing and Producing -
This again a more danceable approach combined with the great sounds out of the Juno synth. When the Robot Man wants to make an impact he needs reproducing. He clones himself and fires up the assembly lines. The pulsating baseline and driving beat symbolize that line of production, into a vision of world domination.

Track B2 Rize Of The Robot Man
The title of the album, which is a homage to the eighties tv-series and here also functions as the recognition tune. Strong melodies drive the tune forward and will stick in your head. The Robot Man is here, and he is here to stay. Production is fulfilled and the resistance has materialized.

Track B3 Ghost In The Machine -
This is more of a ballad, downtempo and hypnotic affair. A track about stuff that can go wrong inside the machine. Because nothing is perfect and beauty lies in imperfection. The filtered piano functions as a basis on which melodies and sounds sweep in and out. Here Cliff tried to bring different influences together; his love for Kraftwerk as a slice of nineties, with an ambiance similar to the Orb. But with a strong driving electro vibe

Track B4 The Tide -
As the tide washes everything into the vast ocean it makes room for new waves... The Robot Man flow’s into everything that has to come in the future. This closing track also has a strong ambient resemblance, weaved into a driving electro pulse. An inspirational tune to conclude this album

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