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Catalog No.: SATOTEM006
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Release date: 29-11-2019
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(10" inch clear vinyl) For her first sortie away from her usual recording homes, Adriana steps up in no real unknown territory either, with Stroboscopic Artefacts' Totem series providing a much suitable shelter for her deep-penetration,quaky club weaponry to grow and expand.
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A. Embera
B1. Saija
B2. Awa


A staple of South America’s ever-effervescing techno community, Colombian-born producer Adriana Lopez sure ain’t no stranger to the aficionados of wild four-to-the-floor epics, having delivered the totality of her typical, custom cut bunker-busters on Developer’s Modularz and her own imprint, Grey Report, in about a decade of intense dancefloor activism.

For her first sortie away from her usual recording homes, Adriana steps up in no real unknown territory either, with Stroboscopic Artefacts’ Totem series providing a much suitable shelter for her deep-penetration, quaky club weaponry to grow and expand.

Kicking things off in frontally brutal fashion, the title-track ‘Embera’ sets the mood right away, swallowing us amidst the countless spans and layers of hypno-tech quicksands. With the kinetic energy gauge now set to eleven and kicks thumping their way across a forest of obsessive synth spirals, Adriana then whips up a frenzy of delayed percussions, spaced-out riffs and jammed radar echoes on ‘Saija’, sure to keep the dancers in a state of wilful enslavement.

Opting for a more straightforward, steady-flying angle of attack, the EP’s closer ‘Awa’ tops it all off on an equally abrasive and elegant note, true to Adriana’s trademark mix of groove-making finesse and uplifting potency.
‘Awa' track premiere on Monument:
early support from
B.Traits: Lovely! will be adding to the mix.
Lewis Fautzi: yes yes! super good!
Denise Rabe: Strong EP! Brilliant!
Richie Hawtin: downloaded for r hawtin
Naty Seres: Beautiful EP! B2 is my favourite
Boddika: Downloading for a decent listen, many thanks
Nastia Reigel: Love Adriana's production. Great release! Thanks for this
Freddy K: Adriana always on point !! Really good release, thank you !!!
Invite: Embera is powerrrrrr
Svreca / Semantica: Flawless EP. Full support.
Philipp Strobel / a+w: Thanks!
Cassegrain: Sounding great - Awa especially. Thanks
Ctrls: Awa for me. thanks!
Takaaki Itoh: Saija is top for me. full support!
Ilario Alicante: Downloading for Ilario Alicante, thanks for the music!
Dimi Angelis: Nice EP!! The whole things I sick. Will play Saija most, thats fav. (and Awa)
Brendon Moeller / Echologist: Yeah, good trax!
Sciahri: Great release full support, Awa is Killer thanks!
Philippe Petit: A side is ace - thanks!
Kangding Ray: Awesome EP , thanks !
Arnaud Le Texier: Great ep. I will play. Thx
Nur JaberSaija!: thanks for sharing!
Oscar Mulero: Support. will play Embera. thnx!
Paul Ritch: stunning track my fav is awa but I love all of them I will play and support thanks
Refracted: Good tools.
Tensal: nice stuff here, thx!
Kwartz: The whole EP is pure gold, thank you!
Positive Centre: Really enjoying this series. Congrats to Adriana on this excellent release.
Terence Fixmer: thx ! quality !
Gareth Wild: Love tracks 2 and 3. Defiantly playing
Developer: nice thank you
Isolated Lines: top stuff! thanks
Orde Meikle / Slam: Thanx
Lakker: Embera is wicked! thanks
Wata Igarashi: Nice EP! Full support!
Stuart McMillan / Slam: Thanks for the music
Luke Slater: great thanks!
Ø [Phase]: Thank you !
Tim Xavier: down with 'Saija'! cheers!
BNJMN: very powerful stuff, thank you!
Inigo Kennedy:The title track, Embera, is great! Will play that one for sure!
Marcel Dettmann: thx
Joseph Capriati: downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !
Jeff Derringer: Nice record.
Dave Miller / Abstract Division: Embera and Awa for me! Thanks for sending!
Juana / Discwoman: Yargh she bangs
Edit Select: saija is really nice thanks
Iori: Super nice! full support!
Cosmin TRG: Great work Adriana!
Sam Paganini: Nice! Downloading thanks
Daniel Avery: Love it
Viers: very heavy sounds. thanks!
SHDW: Trippy stuff, i like it! thanks.
Surit / NX1: A1 here. So nice!
Ellen Allien: amazing
Henning Baer: STRONG!!
Marco Bailey: GREAT !
Raffaele Attanasio: great!
Stephanie Sykes: Loving these, well done Adriana! Cant wait to play!!
Photonz: Great techno wickedry

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